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Meet the heart behind the home.. Meet team Aroha

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Meet the heart behind the home.. Meet team Aroha

Hello Everyone,

I thought it would be a great opportunity whilst I am coming to the end of my maternity leave to introduce myself and my lovely team at Aroha Properties. (My first baby) to you.

My name is Christina and to anyone that knows me personally, they will know that I put my heart into everything I do in life and that includes Aroha. To anyone that does not know what Aroha stands for, here it is. Aroha: 1. the creative force behind all dreams 2. love, Affection 3.defines great leadership, ensures personal success, inspires us to go the extra mile 4. sympathy.

There is a story behind our name but I will save that for another time!!

Aroha is heading into its 6th year Anniversary of trading which is very exciting indeed, however, I must admit I feel this could not have been possible without the team behind Aroha. In April, I gave birth to my baby daughter Sienna in a pandemic, which obviously could not have been predicted. My Team stood up to the challenge and saved our bacon. I would now like to not only thank them for all of their time, effort, and care that they have put into my company but would personally like to introduce them. Soooooooo, here it goes:

Myself - Christina Temblett - Managing Director:
I set up Aroha Lettings now known as Aroha Properties in 2015 with My partner Rob after working for another Agent since 2001. I loved my job and I am still grateful to this day for everything I was taught and the knowledge I inherited from my previous employer. Without the faith, my partner had in me and the time I spent constantly learning with my previous employer, I would not have achieved my dream in running my own company.

Joshua Mathews - Senior Lettings & Property Management Agent
Josh spent a week with Aroha on work experience from Hartbury College just over three years ago now and has never left. Josh has taken on a senior role in Lettings and property management after displaying a greater knowledge in the property field than anticipated and very quickly building a rapport with all of our clients and landlords. Josh has developed so much in the past three years within Aroha and outside. I am very proud of him to say the least.

Siobhan Daly - Property Sales & Auctions Expert
Siobhan has over 5 years of experience in property and sale and started with Aroha just over a year ago now. Siobhan joined our growing team to help us build our sales presence. Siobhan claims she is still learning but we feel she has already put her stamp in the office and we feel that perhaps, we could be learning more from her than she realises. A great move on my part in taking the risk of another member of staff when funds were low but I feel that Siobhan has brought value to our team and I am looking forward to watching our Sales side grow.

It goes without saying, that I am very proud of my office and very proud of my team.

Lots Of Love

Team Aroha x