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Inventory - As a landlord, how important are these?

Inventory - As a landlord, how important are these?

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a comprehensive report detailing & outlining the condition of everything in your property from the walls, flooring and ceilings to furniture, fixtures, fittings, paint work and outside spaces. The report will include accompanying photos as well as meter readings, and will list all defects (or the fact that there are no defects).

Can I do the inventory myself?

Yes, the landlord can produce the inventory report themselves. But be prepared to invest a great deal of time and energy in to the final report. The inventory will need to meet the criteria provided by the third party deposit scheme in order to protect your property and help prevent the property not being taken care of, Or at least minimise the risk of damage. Alternatively, these reports can be carried out either by an independent, third-party inventory clerk or a lettings agent.

Can I charge a tenant for the inventory?

No. The Tenancy Fee Act 1st June 2019 prevents a tenant from being charged for an inventory to be produced.
Why is an inventory important?
The inventory will stop all disputes with the tenant and will ensure your property is returned to you in the same condition (minus any general wear and tear) at the end of the tenancy. You will also have correct and detailed information should you need to take the deposit to a dispute. If you cannot prove the move in condition of your property you will not be able to prove the move out condition, therefore you will lose a deposit dispute.

What happens after an inventory is completed by Aroha Properties?

Once we have completed the full inventory report, we can email a digital version to the tenant and landlord that is time stamped. This report will need to checked, amended (if necessary) and web signed by the tenant to demonstrate that they agree with its contents. You then both keep a copy of the report.

Read the DPS Terms & conditions here.

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